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Wysiedlenia wewnętrzne: Przyczyny, konsekwencje i wyzwania przyszłości


Autor: Bogumil Terminski
ISBN: 978-3-89783-850-5
280 Seiten
Erscheinungsdatum: 2016

The book explores the causes, consequences and socio-political context of internal displacement worldwide. In recent years, internal displacement has emerged as one of the dominant humanitarnian, human rights, and political challenges on the international agenda. Millions of people are forcibly displaced each year from their homes and lands due to armed conflicts, discrimination, human rights abuses, environmental factors, natural disasters, development projects, megaeventsm and conservation of nature. The book presents the most important causes of internal displacement as well as political and legal aspects of this issue. Prestented book is the first polish-language monograph which provides an in-depth analysis of internal displacement. The book is focused on:
– Major causes, consequences, and political aspects of internal displacement
– International cooperation regarding protection and assistance to internally displaced persons
– Historical reflections concerning causes and dynamics of forced migrations and displacement


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